In Loving Memory of Robert Hayes
Many of you may have heard, others may not, that our Beloved Robert Hayes passed away in February. This creates a huge gap in our hearts. We had a heart warming memorial service and an outpouring of support from our friends. Robert was a truly gentle spirit, and did so much for the animals, and for Bridging the Worlds. We'll miss him for a long time.

It is important that you know that Bridging the Worlds (BTW) continues to operate our animal rescue mission. The Board of Directors and Volunteers have rallied to insure that BTW would continue to have the resources needed to do our work.

Sometimes, in the midst of tragedy, new opportunity springs forth. Sometimes it seems like cruel fate that we find new opportunity as a result of loss. But maybe a better perspective is that life provides a balance that helps to buffer the loss. Life does not want us to suffer unbearably. In fact, this is the reason that Bridging the Worlds exists - to move creatures from suffering to safety. To provide a counter balance for the harsher aspects of the world.

As a result of Robert's death, a donation has been offered in the amount of $200,000 with the request that we raise matching funds. This would allow us to pay off a debt that has been hanging over our heads, and stabilize BTW's financial future.

We're asking for your help, and there are three ways you can do it.

1) Join our 1000 member drive. Sign up to automatically donate $25 each month from your credit card. You'll never miss it, and it does a world of good.

2) We're asking for a $200 donation from 1000 people. If you could do this, or $50 per month for 4 months we'd get the full matching funds.

3) Keep your eyes open. You may know someone with vast financial resources. Someone who may be willing to match in part or in full the efforts of another major donor.
Any or all of these things would make all the difference in the world. We appreciate your ongoing support.
Robert Hayes
March 24, 2008