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Some medical cases are expensive but routine, some are dramatic: Kaitos was a stray, who
came to us with breath bad enough to shrivel cactus. The vet found a stick wedged between his
top molars, apparently for a long time, because bacteria had etched a groove of infection and
necrosis along the length of the stick pressed into the roof of his mouth. The pressure on the molars
had loosened them and they were dying. Bacteria had also eaten a hole through the bone protecting
his nasal cavity, creating a potential pathway for brain infection.

Skilled oral surgeons worked meticulously with his injuries for months, until he was finally healed
enough to proceed with surgical repair, including a bone graft to cover the dangerous hole. We'll be
paying that bill for a long time, but his mouth has healed completely. Best of all, Kaitos is living
happily ever after with the family who fostered him during the months of treatments.
Rebel Rebel, Raven, LaSalle, Ellijay, Taffy, and Jessa have been adopted, too.
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Everywhere fur, shredded bedding, big smiles, barks, and wrestling matches.
We're wrapping up another year of intense rescue, and heading steadfast into the next.
With you at our backs, we can do it without breaking stride!

Our primary food donor closed their New Mexico warehouse and, for the first time in years,
we need money for high quality grain-free kibble -- $1000 each month!

We are also in dire need of an actual Medical Fund, so we can step up without hesitation
for Vet care, supplements and meds, spays and neuters, vaccinations, heartworm tests
and heartworm treatments.