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Canine Nannies

Canine Nannies is our Foster Program. Puppies and dogs need a two-week quarantine before they're eligible for transfer to the Colorado shelters, and to be certain they are well before we offer them for adoption here. Those who need extra attention stay in foster care longer. You can help support this program by donating money using the button on the left, or by volunteering to foster.

Our objective is to get animals out of danger, to restore health, and get them back to loving families. Foster homes prevent over crowding in the sanctuary and free up space to do the intense rehabilitation work. We constantly seek concerned humans who can offer safe haven -- one animal at a time and just long enough to help them get back on their paws and connected with their permanent family.

People say, and of course it's true, we can't save them all.  But with more help, dog by dog, we can put smiles on the fuzzy faces and wriggles in the walks of more than we're saving now.

If you live too far away to foster for Bridging The Worlds, please ask your local rescue groups how you can help. You can save a life!